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2012 Grand Blanc Township
Master Plan Amendment
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The Grand Blanc Charter Township Planning Commission recently began working on a Master Plan Amendment to allow for the realization of a Technology Village Area planned for the south central portion of the Township. This area of the Township is readily accessible and has the potential to develop into a high tech employment center with mixed use development, and has been a significant economic development focus for the Township since the mid 2000’s. Recent local development factors such as the proposed extension of Dort Highway to the south will impact growth within the Township. In addition, potential economic development opportunities from the newly established I-69 International Trade Corridor also support the need to reevaluate the Township’s long range plans for the Technology Village Area.

A public open house was held on June 27. A brief overview presentation was made by Birchler Arroyo Associates, and is now available here. At the open house, Planning Commissioners were available to meet with people interested in the planning process, answer questions, and hear feedback. Informational posters are available for viewing in the Planning and Zoning Department, and can also be viewed here:

Dort Highway Connector Poster
Technology Village Poster
Future Land Use Poster
I-69 International Trade Corridor Poster
Natural Features & Non-Motorized Transportation Poster

Take a minute to review the background information and give us your feedback. Comment cards are also available and will be accepted through July. Call Maria Maclean for more information 810.424.2766.

Draft Chapters:
(June 2012) Introduction & Existing Conditions

2010 Master Plan Update
The Township's current
Master Plan

Technology Village
Area Plan
The Township is planning for
the Knowledge Economy.

Find out more about the
community's vision for
the future here.

Saginaw Street
Corridor Study
A Master Plan amendment
for the segment of
Saginaw Street between
Hill Road and
Dort Highway was approved in 2009

Final Report

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