Best answer: How do you hide unused sections in Revit?

In Visibility Graphics, go to the Filters tab and choose Edit/New…. In the lower left corner of the dialog select the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a tiny Sun at the upper right. Name your filter something like “Hide Unused Sections and Callouts”.

How do you filter unreferenced views in Revit?

The simplest way is uncheck unreferenced tags when print (the setting should stick unless you purposely recheck it). To use filter, create a filter for section, elevation, callout and set the criteria such as View Number >”blank” or Sheet Number > “blank” ( if that doesn’t work, you can try to replace “blank” with 0).

How do you hide a callout in Revit?

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). On the Annotation Categories tab, under Visibility, make sure that Callouts is selected. (To hide all callout tags in the view, clear this option.)

Why can’t I see my sections in Revit?

If the section line is invisible, change the floor plan scale factor back to a value that enable you to see the section line. Select the section line. In the properties, locate the parameter “hide at scales coarser than”.

Why is my section not showing in Revit?

In the section view itself, be sure the Hide at scales courser than parameter is not higher than the plan view scale or the section will not appear. This feature is meant to easily hide certain sections in overall plan views for larger building footprints.

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How do you hide a viewport in Revit?

To hide items in a particular paper space viewport in the model:

  1. Do one of the following: Click the Hide All but Selected Objects in Viewport icon . At the command line, type HIDESELECTEDINVP and then press Enter.
  2. In the model, select the items you wish hide.
  3. Right click or press Enter.

Are callouts view specific in Revit?

A reference callout is a callout that refers to an existing view. When you add a reference callout, Revit does not create a view in the project. Instead, it creates a pointer to a specified, existing view. You can place reference callouts in plan, elevation, section, callout, and drafting views.

How do you show callout tags in Revit?


  1. In a project, click Manage tab Settings panel Additional Settings drop-down (Callout Tags).
  2. In the Type Properties dialog, for Callout Head, specify the type of callout head to use.
  3. For Corner Radius, specify the radius of the corners for the callout bubble. …
  4. Click OK.

How do I find a section in Revit?

To open the section view, double-click the section header, or select the section view from the Sections grouping of the Project Browser. The section view changes when the design changes or the section line is moved.

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