Can you link SketchUp files?

Go to the File menu -> Select Import. Select the SketchUp Model you’d like to import, click Open. The Move tool will then activate, allowing you to locate the imported model into your active model in relationship to its origin. Simply click to place the imported model.

Can you share SketchUp files?

You can always use the SketchUp Mobile Viewer and SketchUp for Web to view and share files.

Can you open two SketchUp files at once?

Re: Why can I only open 1 SketchUp file at a time

You can also use “Open” on the file menu, or right click on the program itself. You can certainly have several instances open at the same time.

How do I download a SketchUp model?

Downloading files

  1. Make sure the model you want to download is loaded in the modeling window.
  2. Open the file operations menu at the top of your screen.
  3. Select the ‘Download’ command. You’ll be prompted to choose a SKP version to download. …
  4. Click OK to download your model.

How do I import styles into SketchUp?

style file that a friend has shared with you, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder on your computer. …
  2. Copy and paste the . …
  3. Open SketchUp and select Window > Styles.
  4. Open SketchUp then open the Styles dialog box in the Default Tray.
  5. Click the Details arrow ( ) on the Select tab and choose Open or Create a Collection.
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