How do I change settings in blender?

Go to File > User Preferences. Open the Input tab. Blender’s default for selection is Right click. You can change this to Left.

How do I change the startup settings in Blender?

In Blender, simply click on the File dropdown, hover over “Defaults” and click Save Startup File, or use the hotkey Ctrl+U. This will save the entire scene as the default startup file – every mesh, object, texture, setting, UI layout, everything. This can be useful to save custom commonly used settings elements.

How do I save a user settings in Blender?

Save User Settings

Once you have set your preferences, you will need to manually save them, otherwise the new configuration will be lost after a restart. In the User Preferences editor, click on the Save User Settings button in the bottom left. This will save all of the new preferences.

How many times can I undo in Blender?

To find the undo settings, go to Edit->preferences and find the “System” section. In the memory and limits section you will find 3 settings related to undo. The number of undo steps. The default is 32 and max is 256.

How do I reset my blender settings?

To access, in the main Header click Edit » Preferences, then the menu icon bottom-left corner of Blender Preferences, select Load Factory Settings from the options to perform a reset.

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What is a user preference?

To specify settings that can be customized for a particular user, configure user preferences. This editor allows each user to update values for the preferences. … Examples of user preference usage include setting the time zone, or providing a flag to turn a custom option on or off.

Why can’t I undo in Blender?

If other answers didn’t solve problem go to the Blender Users Preferences > Edit > Activate Global Undo (optionally add more steps if you want).

What is the shortcut key of redo in computer?

To redo something you’ve undone, press Ctrl+Y or F4.

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