How do I create a chainage in AutoCAD?

Click Home tab Draw panel Line drop-down Create Line Chainage/Offset . Select the alignment. Specify a chainage by either entering a chainage value or clicking in the drawing. Specify a distance by either entering an offset or clicking in the drawing.

How do you create a chainage in Civil 3d?

Alignment Chainage Control

  1. Click Alignment tab Modify panel Alignment Properties drop-down Alignment Properties . …
  2. In the Alignment Properties dialog box, click the Chainage Control tab.
  3. Under Reference Point, click . …
  4. In the drawing, pick a point where you want to establish the XY coordinates for the Reference Point.

How do I use the line command in AutoCAD?

Follow these steps to use the Line command:

  1. Start the Line command by clicking the Line button on the Draw panel on the Ribbon, or by entering L and then pressing Enter.
  2. Draw line segments by picking several random points.
  3. Terminate the command by pressing Enter, Esc, or the spacebar.

How do you connect lines in AutoCAD?


  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Edit Polyline. Find.
  2. Select a polyline, spline, line, or arc to edit. …
  3. Enter j (Join).
  4. Select one or more polylines, splines, lines, or arcs that are located end to end.
  5. Press Enter to end the command.
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How do you create a road in Civil 3d?

General Workflow

  1. Create existing surface conditions. …
  2. Design alignment. …
  3. Apply design criteria. …
  4. Generate existing ground profile and design grades. …
  5. Construct assemblies. …
  6. Build the corridor. …
  7. Perform analysis of the resulting model. …
  8. Perform design optimization of the already analyzed model.

How do you create a road alignment in Civil 3d?


  1. Click Home tab Create Design panel Alignment drop-down Alignment Creation Tools Find.
  2. In the Create Alignment – Layout dialog box, enter a unique name for the alignment.
  3. Specify the alignment Type.
  4. Enter an optional description.
  5. Enter a starting station value.
  6. On the General tab, specify the following settings:

How do you read a road chainage?

The Point of Beginning of the line is usually denoted as 00+00 (The Starting Point) with stationing at least every 100 feet along the line denoted as 1+00 (for 100 feet)… 2+00 (for 200 feet)… 3+00 (for 300 feet), etc.

What is railway chainage?

The chainage is the distance measured along the railway line from its beginning point. The integers indicate 100 m, represented by a small circle on the line (the centre of the circle indicates the exact location of the integer section) and a legend with a number under the circle, parallel to the line.

What is chainage in pipeline?

The word “chainage” as used today indicates the centerline of a linear structure, such as a road or pipeline. It’s used in conjunction with “elevation” and “offset” to draw up construction plans.

What is AutoCAD command line?

The command line is docked in the bottom left of the drawing area and displays prompts, options, and messages. The command line is used to input commands, typically by using a keyboard, as an alternative to using the command palette that is in the bottom of the left-side panel.

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What is the basic command of AutoCAD?

Basic actionsSHORTCUT/ COMMANDDESCRIPTIONCO/ COPYCopy objects or textDI/ DISTANCEFind the distance between two point in a drawingI/ INSERTInsert (existing block or drawing as a block)LISTAccess the properties of the different objects within a drawingЕщё 16 строк

What is the use of line command?

The command line is a text interface for your computer. It’s a program that takes in commands, which it passes on to the computer’s operating system to run. From the command line, you can navigate through files and folders on your computer, just as you would with Windows Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac OS.

What is fuzz distance in AutoCAD?

The fuzz factor is the distance AutoCAD should look from an unattached endpoint for another object. … AutoCAD can extend one or both lines to fill the gap, or simply add a segment to fill the gap; it may even need to do both.

What should you pay attention to when learning AutoCAD?

6 Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention to AutoCAD Command Line

  1. It tells you what to do next. …
  2. It’s where the options are available. …
  3. It helps you to find commands. …
  4. You can use the command history to make macro or script. …
  5. You can find content on Command Line quickly. …
  6. You can see object information there.
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