How do I import a PNG file into blender?

How do you make an object see through in blender?

In CYCLES select the mesh you want to be transparent. Go to the Object header and check the Transparency box. Go to the Material header, add a new material and decrease the Alpha value in the Settings panel as pictured below. You may also change the color of transparency.

How do you add a background in blender?

To add in a background image in Blender, go to Object Mode then press Shift+A. When the menu pops up, select Image>Background. A window will then open to let you browse for an image file you want to use. Choose the image you’d like to add as background.

How do I enable world background in blender?

In the top right corner of the 3D viewport, switch to rendered viewport shading. Go to the world material tab in the properties panel, which is the red earthlike icon. Find the surface section and expand it. To set a single color as the background, press the color bar and select the color you want.

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