How do I join fills in archicad?

How do I merge fills in ArchiCAD?

The good news is that ArchiCAD has a tool specifically for this job. First of all, select the Fill elements you want to tidy and then choose Edit > Reshape > Fill Consolidation… A Wizard will then appear to show the options available in the Consolidation process…

How do I copy from one archicad file to another?

You can, simply just marquee around the content you want, in Perspective OR Axonometry, Copy (Ctrl+C), and there you go! Simple paste using Ctrl+V onto a floorplan, section, worksheet, or any other 2d view.

How do I copy an archicad file from one model to another?

It allows you to:

  1. Open AutoCAD drawings as ARCHICAD Project or ARCHICAD Library Parts. File » Open. …
  2. Merge AutoCAD drawings with your ARCHICAD Project file. File > File Special > Merge. …
  3. Add AutoCAD drawings as external references (XREFs) …
  4. Place as Drawing to Layouts or Model Views.

How do you subtract fill in ArchiCAD?

You can subtract one fill from another, sort of. Select the fill you want to trim and click on a node to bring up your pet palette. Select the ‘subtract’ option from the pet palette (it looks like the polyline symbol with a – in the right corner). Your fill to be trimmed is still selected.

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How do I copy one Twinmotion file to another?

Your file > Browse the file you like to merge into the one you have already opened. Options > Tick the box for the options shown. Landscape > Keep or overwrite the landscape in the file which is already open. Save a copy > Save the file “as is” before the new files get merged.

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