How do you create a view template in Revit?

What is Revit view template?

A view template is a collection of view properties, such as view scale, discipline, detail level, and visibility settings. Use view templates to apply standard settings to views. View templates can help to ensure adherence to office standards and achieve consistency across construction document sets.

How do I save a view as a template?

See Graphic Display Options. Click Save as View Template. In the New View Template dialog, enter a name for the template, and click OK.

How do I access a view template in Revit?

To access view template properties, click View tab Graphics panel View Templates drop-down Manage View Templates.

How do I create a template from an existing project in Revit?


  1. Open the Revit project file (RVT). …
  2. Save As a template file (.rte)
  3. Remove items from the template that will not be re-used on all/most new projects.
  4. Place in your designated template directory.
  5. Set Starting view.
  6. In Revit Options>File Locations>Project template files, promote new template to the top if desired.

Can you import view templates in Revit?

This is easily achieved with this free add-in ‘Transfer Template’. All that is needed is to run the add-in, select the linked project and choose the view which view templates to transfer.

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What is the use of templates in Revit?

Use the default templates, or define custom templates to enforce office standards. A project template provides a starting point for a new project, including view templates, loaded families, defined settings (such as units, fill patterns, line styles, line weights, view scales, and more), and geometry, if desired.

How do I get click up templates?

How to Load a View Template

  1. Create your desired view.
  2. Open the view’s … menu.
  3. Click Template Center.
  4. Select Browse Templates.
  5. Select a template card to preview.
  6. Select Use Template.

How do I use Revit templates?

Location of project templates

  1. Create the project templates that you want to include in the list.
  2. Click File tab Options.
  3. Click the File Locations tab.
  4. Add one or more templates to the Project templates list, as follows: Click (Add Value). …
  5. Rearrange the list to put templates in the desired order.

Can you save a view template in Revit?

See Graphic Display Options. Click Save as View Template. In the New View Template dialog, enter a name for the template, and click OK.

How do I edit a Revit template?


  1. Click Manage tab Settings Panel Panel Schedule Templates Edit a Template.
  2. In the Edit a Template dialog, select the template type. The template type determines the option(s) in the Templates pane. …
  3. For Templates, select the template to edit and click Open. The template displays in Edit Template mode.

What should be included in a Revit template?

Consider these recommendations and guidelines when creating custom project templates.

  1. Content location. …
  2. Naming standards. …
  3. Annotation. …
  4. Title blocks. …
  5. Viewport types. …
  6. Content. …
  7. Views/Schedules/Sheets. …
  8. View types/Browser sorting.
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