How do you hide the sun path in Revit?

How do you hide a sun path in Revit?


  1. On the View Control Bar, click Sun Path Off/On Sun Path On.
  2. Click in an empty area of the view to display the view properties. On the Properties palette, under Graphics, select Sun path, and click Apply.

How do you turn off sunlight in Revit?

Use one of these methods:

  1. On the View Control Bar, click Shadows Off/On Shadows On.
  2. On the View Control Bar, click Visual Style Graphic Display Options. In the Graphic Display Options dialog, under Shadows, select Cast Shadows, and click OK.

Can you change the shadow color in Revit?

Go to Graphic Display Options in the view settings. Go to the shadow option and check “Cast Shadows”. In the Lighting sub-menu, you can adjust the value for Shadows.

How do I change shadow settings in Revit?

Either click Edit… next to Graphic Display Options in the Properties palette, or expand Visual Style in the View Control bar and click Graphic Display Options…. Revit displays the Graphic Display Options dialog from either location. Click the arrow next to Shadows to expand this area.

How do you soften shadows in Revit?

On the Rendering tab of the Design bar, click Adjust Image. You can adjust the contrast of the image, which will affect the shadows. Use the Soft Shadows settings in the Render Scene Settings dialog box to produce more realistic shadow edges. Select the Interior Scene option for almost all interior renderings.

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What happened to ecotect?

This work is now at a point where, effective March 20, 2015, licenses to Autodesk Ecotect Analysis will no longer be available for purchase. This change will allow Autodesk to shift resources, maximizing development efforts on BIM and cloud-based solutions for building performance analysis and visualization.

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