How do you save a VRAY image in SketchUp?

How do I save a Vray render image in SketchUp?

Select File > Export > 2D Graphic. An export dialog box appears. Navigate to the location where you want to save your image. (Optional) In the Save As box, type a name for your image file.

How do I save in Vray?

Start Max or Viz, whichever you have. Select Vray and set settings as you like. Save as MaxStart.

How do I save a V-Ray image as render?

To Save the Rendered Image to a File

  1. In the Render Output group, click Files.
  2. In the file dialog, specify a name and a type for the image file, and then click OK. The Save File toggle turns on. You can later turn off Save File if you want only to view the rendering on screen. Note: The file dialog has a Setup button.

Which is the latest version of V-Ray?


Render created using V-Ray for Rhinoceros 3D, demonstrating the advanced effects V-Ray is capable of, such as refraction and caustics.
Initial release 1997
Stable release 5.00.03 / June 16, 2020
Operating system Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows
Type Rendering system

What is safe frame in V-Ray?

The safe frame shows the area of the viewport that will be rendered in the active viewport. If parts of the rendered view are off-screen, the safe frame will indicate this by displaying arrows either at the top and bottom or left and right.

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How do I save render presets?

Saving a Preset

Type the name of the preset into the edit box in the left part of the dialogue. Select the roll-outs you want to save from the right part of the dialogue. Press the Save button. The preset will appear in the presets list.

How do I reset SketchUp to default settings?

If you’re using Windows, choose Window→Preferences . . . On a Mac, choose SketchUp→Preferences . . . Select the Workspace panel (it’s last in the list on the left of the Preferences dialog box). Click the Reset Workspace button.

Can you use V-Ray with SketchUp free?

For that you need to be using SketchUp Pro. The free web version is not licensed for the commercial work you are doing with it. Using SketchUp Free in your freelance business violates the terms of use agreement. In addition, the free version has no implementation to use extensions like Vray for SketchUp.

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