How do you scale in Autodesk Inventor?

How do you scale in Inventor?


  1. Click Sketch tab Modify panel Scale . …
  2. Select the geometry in the graphics window. …
  3. In the graphics window, select the geometry, or select groups of geometry with the selection window. …
  4. In the graphics window, click to set the base point. …
  5. Drag the pointer in the graphics window to change the scale.

Can you scale an assembly in Inventor?

using the derive part tool you can select an assembly and have it scaled to be a part.

How do you scale in Autodesk?

With a calculator, divide the intended length by the measured length. Enter the SCALE (Command). Select a base point, such as 0,0,0. Enter the obtained scale factor to adjust all objects in the drawing model to their correct size.

How do you scale 3d objects in Inventor?

From the 3D Model tab, select the Direct Edit command. The Direct Edit command mini toolbar appears. Select the Scale option, and then select the part in the graphics window.

How do you stretch a part in Inventor?

In a 2D sketch, click Sketch tab Modify panel Stretch .

In the graphics window, select the geometry you want to stretch:

  1. Click to select one element.
  2. Drag to create a selection set.
  3. Right-click and choose Select All.
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How do you change the size of a drawing in Inventor?

Edit model dimensions from a drawing

  1. Select the dimension to change.
  2. Right-click, and then select Edit Model Dimension from the menu.
  3. Enter the new dimension in the edit box.
  4. To change the dimension tolerances, right-click in the edit box, and then select Tolerances.

How do I scale a STL file in Inventor?

Open -> select STL file filter -> select the STL file -> Options -> set unit to meter.

How do you assemble a scale?

To save a SOLIDWORKS assembly as a part:

  1. Open the newly saved multi-body part.
  2. Access the Scale feature (Insert > Features > Scale).
  3. Select all of the solid bodies in the part to be scaled – note you may need to access the Feature Manager and expand the Solid Bodies folder to select the bodies.

How do you calculate scale?

To scale an object to a smaller size, you simply divide each dimension by the required scale factor. For example, if you would like to apply a scale factor of 1:6 and the length of the item is 60 cm, you simply divide 60 / 6 = 10 cm to get the new dimension.

How does AutoCAD calculate scale?

Select the border of the scale area for editing.

  1. Click View tab Viewports panel Scale Monitor. Find. The Scale Monitor dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the drawing area, move the cursor over the scale area (or a viewport ) and check the Scale Monitor dialog box.
  3. Press ENTER to exit this command.

What is AutoCAD scale?

Objects in your drawing, such as drawn lines, 3D extrusions, and more can be scaled by factors by using the SCALE command in AutoCAD itself. The objects currently in the drawing below are set at a scale of 1. … This will show you how to change scale in AutoCAD without changing the dimension.

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How do you convert a mesh to a solid in Inventor?

Inventor 201x cannot edit mesh data and currently does not have the ability to directly convert meshes to surfaces or solids. In order to do this use alternative methods or tools: Use MeshMixer as a separate program to install. Use Mesh Enabler for Autodesk Inventor.

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