How do you slice spheres in autocad?

How do you make a sphere in CAD?

Create a Solid Sphere Defined by Three Points

  1. Click Home tab Modeling panel Sphere. Find.
  2. At the Command prompt, enter 3p (Three Points). Specify the first point.
  3. Specify the second point.
  4. Specify the third point.

How do you cut a sphere in Inventor?

How to make a sphere in Autodesk Inventor?

  1. Next in the sketch environment draw a half circle. …
  2. When you are done click finish sketch.
  3. Then click Revolve in the Model Tab.
  4. The profile to be revolved should be automatically selected. …
  5. Click on the line to select it as an axis and a preview of the revolved solid is displayed. …
  6. click ok and you are done! …
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How do I become a CAD model?

How to Set Up AutoCAD for 3D Drawings

  1. Open the Workspaces drop-down list on the Quick Access toolbar, or click the Workspace Switching button on the status bar and then choose 3D Modeling. …
  2. Click the Application button and choose New; then click Drawing. …
  3. Choose acad3d.

What is the volume of ball?

The formula for the volume of a sphere is V = 4/3 πr³. See the formula used in an example where we are given the diameter of the sphere.

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How many circle make a sphere?

Infinite numbers of circles are needed to make one sphere. Since in between any two circles , one can draw another circle.

What shape do you get when you cut a sphere in half?

A hemisphere is the half sphere formed by a plane intersecting the center of a sphere. The cut-line forming a hemisphere is a great circle.

How do you make a solid sphere?

Creating a Solid Sphere

  1. Create a new sketch.
  2. Draw a circle with a line intersecting it directly through the centre point.
  3. Trim one side of the circle away, leaving the central sketch line as solid.
  4. Create a Revolve Boss/Base.
  5. Direction Angle should be set to 360°
  6. Accept the feature.

How do you make a hollow sphere in Inventor?

Create Freeform Sphere

  1. On the ribbon, click 3d Model tab Freeform panel Sphere . …
  2. Click a work plane, planar face or 2D sketch.
  3. Click in the graphics window to specify the center point of the sphere.
  4. Change and adjust the shape by: …
  5. Add symmetry in the X, Y, and Z axis by selecting the respective checkbox in the Sphere dialog box.
  6. Click OK.

How do you revolve in Inventor?

In the Revolve dialog box, click Profile and then select the profile to revolve. Click Axis and then select an axis from the active sketch plane.

For non-base features, specify an Operation:

  1. Join . Adds the volume created by the revolved feature to another feature or body. …
  2. Cut . …
  3. Intersect . …
  4. New Solid .
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