What does Ch mean on a floor plan?

CH. – Channel. C.I. – Cast Iron. C.I.P. – Cast in Place.

What does CH stand for?

Ch. is a written abbreviation for chapter.

What does CH stand for on road signs?

Representational attributes

Value Meaning
CH Chase
CIR Circle
CCT Circuit
CRCS Circus

What are the various symbols in a floor plan?

Here are the six most common types of symbols you will find on floor plans (versus other types of plans).

  1. Compass. The north arrow tells you about the orientation of the property. …
  2. Stairs. Stairs are customarily indicated by parallel lines with their measurements. …
  3. Doors. …
  4. Windows. …
  5. Walls. …
  6. Appliances.

What does CH mean in chat?

CH — Crack-Head. CH — Cardboard Heroes. CH — Carolina Herrera. CH — Come Home. CH — Crazy Hand.

What is CH in chat?

CH Chat is the first and easiest chat client for any Clubhouse room. CH Chat enables the entire audience to: -Have a meaningful, thoughtful share in the conversation. -Connect , share links, tips and insights. -Ask meaningful questions.

What does CH after a name mean?

CH. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

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What is PL in street name?

In addresses and on maps and signs, Pl. is often used as a written abbreviation for Place. …

What does T in a circle mean on floor plans?

Electrical Symbols

A small circle bisected by two parallel lines is a wall outlet, while a circle superimposed over an X is a ceiling light and a T hanging from a circle is a thermostat.

What does DB stand for on blueprints?

DB Construction Abbreviation

3 dB Decibel Technology, Computing, Amateur Radio
1 DB Design & Build Design, Projection, Architecture
1 DB Design-Bid-Build Design, Bid, Projection
1 DB Design Builder Design, Builder, Projection
1 DB Dispute Board Dispute, Board, Contract

What does Fl mean on blueprints?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbol Definition
FL flag note, flagnote
FL Floor Level
FN or F/N flag note, flagnote; find number
FoS feature of size

What does PC mean on blueprints?

P.C. – Pre-Cast Concrete.

Special Project