What should I ask my architect?

What questions should I ask an architect before hiring?

6 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Architect

  • Does the architect have experience with a similar project? …
  • What is the timeline for the project? …
  • How does the architect plan on getting paid? …
  • How open is the architect to your inputs and feedback? …
  • How hands-on will the architect be?

What should I tell my architect?

Tell your architect who you are – As well as your style, your architect should know about who you are and what you value. Are you an outdoors person? Are sustainability issues important to you? Is energy efficiency a big concern?

What should you not say to an architect?

These are the 11 phrases that you should NEVER say to an architect.

  • Architects are engineers, right?
  • I cannot believe you are charging so much for just a few drawings!
  • Is THAT the drawing that took you so long to do?
  • What is the difference between an architect and a construction worker?

What to Know Before meeting with an architect?

How to Prepare for A Meeting with an Architect

  • Have Your Ideas Organized and Ready to Go! …
  • Seek Input – They Know Stuff. …
  • Be Upfront About Your Budget. …
  • Ask Questions – They Won’t Bite. …
  • Ask About Past Projects.
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Do architects charge for consultation?

Architects generally don’t charge for this time, which will be focused on whether the architect wants to take on the project and whether you want to hire them. … At your first meeting, you can expect to talk about ideas you have for the project, your budget, and timetable.

Why are architects so expensive?

Architects are trained in environmental sustainability, artistic design, structural safety and code enforcement to name a few things. Services you may higher a firm for that require these skills include consultations, entitlement, design layouts, structural engineering, 3D design, etc.

What to do if you can’t afford an architect?

If you’re not sure you can afford an architect or if you’re not sure you need an architect, call a local architect and ask them if you can discuss this with them. Pay them for their time, or at least offer. Listen carefully to them before you rule it out.

Do architects save you money?

Any good architect will save you money – not least because a superb design will add value to the finished house. … While architects are mostly associated with their ability to produce stylish homes, it’s just as important that they have a thorough knowledge of construction methods and the workings of a building site.

What architecture should not do?

Top Ten Reasons NOT to be an Architect

  • The gene pool that is your social life will not have a lot of diversity. …
  • The pay and benefits are not as good as they could be.
  • The hours you work are long and under-valued.
  • Your ideals don’t really matter.
  • If your ideals are important to you, you will lose work.
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Should I tell an architect my budget?

Cost and budget is a key constraint and should always be identified and considered when designing any project, even when the provision of cost advice is expressly excluded from the designer’s obligations. ‘ … ‘Architects should always ascertain a budget.

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