Where is North in rhino?

Rhino/Grasshopper – The positive vector of the y-axis will always denote Project North. Even after changing the construction plane, the positive vector of the Y-axis will indicate North when the Plugin exports geometry.

How do I change the orientation in rhino?

The CPlane command sets the origin and orientation of the construction plane in the active viewport. Pick a new origin point or choose an option. The construction planes in all viewports change so their origin is at the picked location. The Curve option sets the construction plane perpendicular to a curve.

How do you show the sun in rhino?

To access the Sun settings in Rhino, type ‘Sun’ in the Rhino command line which will open Rhino’s Sun window. Make sure that the On and Manual Control checkboxes are ticked, then adjust the Sun Position using the available controls. Simply close the window when done.

Which axis is north in rhino?

The default North direction is set to the Y-axis (0 degrees). Input a point here to change the location of the North sign in the Rhino scene. The default is set to the Rhino model origin (0,0,0).

How do you make a rhino look like Sketchup?

To create a view that looks similar to sketchup, first uncheck “show isocurves,” and then change the back ground to “Solid color” and select white. After change the edge thickness to 1, and the ambient color to a color just below mid gray.

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How do you make shadows darker in rhino render?

Select “Light” from the drop-down menu on the “Object Properties” toolbar. Setting up lights Here you can change the light emission “color” and the “shadow intensity”. The brightness off the light can be controlled by the color. The darker the color, the darker the light emission.

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