Best answer: How do you change the design element in Revit?

In the Design Options dialog, select the design option from the list, click Edit Selected, and click Close. Click Manage tab Design Options panel, and select the desired design option from the drop-down list. Click Manage tab Design Options panel (Pick to Edit), and select an element contained in the design option.

How do I add something to a design option in Revit?

Click Manage tab Design Options panel (Add to Set). In the Add to Design Option Set dialog, for Add selection to, select the desired set. Revit lists the design options for the selected set. Select one or more design options to which you want to add the elements.

How do I move an element from one design option to another?

Move Elements from One Design Option to Another

  1. Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics).
  2. In the Visibility/Graphics dialog, click the Design Options tab.
  3. For the appropriate design option set, in the Design Option column, select Automatic.
  4. Click OK.

How do I hide design options in Revit?

In the Graphics panel, click Visibility/Graphics. In the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog box, click the Design Options tab. The dialog box will not have this tab if no design options exist in the project.

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Does Revit LT have design options?

By default, Revit LT disables design options. To make use of this feature, you must enable it. On the User Interface tab, select Enable Design Options. …

How do I remove an object from the design option?

Remove objects from a Design Option to the Main Model

(Pick to Edit) button in the Design Options section in the Manage Tab on the Ribbon may come in handy). (Cut to Clipboard) button in the Clipboard section of the Modify tab on the Ribbon, to cut the objects to the clipboard.

What is design Option tool in Revit?

A design option set is a collection of possible solutions for a particular design problem. Each design option set contains one primary option and one or more secondary options. For example, you can create one design option set to show different designs for the entry of a building.

How do you accept primary design options in Revit?

In the Design Options dialog, select the design option set that includes the desired option. If the desired option is secondary, select the design option in the list, and click Make Primary to promote it to the primary option. Under Option Set, click Accept Primary to incorporate the primary option into the main model.

How do you add design options to the main model?

Incorporate a Design Option into the Main Model

  1. Click Manage tab Design Options panel (Design Options).
  2. If you are currently editing a design option, click Finish Editing.
  3. In the Design Options dialog, select the design option set that includes the desired option.
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Can you make families in Revit LT?

By using predefined families and creating new ones in Revit LT, you can add both standard and custom elements to your building models. Families also provide a level of control over elements that are similar in use and behavior, allowing you to easily make design changes and manage your projects more efficiently.

How do I open options in Revit?

The Options Bar is located below the ribbon. It displays conditional tools dependent on the current tool or selected element. To move the Options Bar to the bottom of the Revit window (above the status bar), right-click the Options Bar, and click Dock at bottom.

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