Can you delete a phase in Revit?

How do I delete a phase in Revit?

Click Modify tab -> Phasing panel -> Demolish. Click on the elemtns you want to demolish. Phase property of View: Each view in Revit Architecture has a Phase property and a Phase Filter property.

How do you delete a phase?

To delete a phase

  1. From the > Manage menu, click Project Command Center.
  2. In the project list at the top of the window, click the project of the phase you want to delete.
  3. In the project tree on the lower left of the window, click the phase you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. Click Yes to delete the phase.

Can you move a phase in Revit?

You can use phase filter to help you out in moving the elements from phase to another. After finishing up, rename the phases the way you want.

How do you filter by phase in Revit?

Create phase filters (in addition to the default filters) to control the display of elements based on their phase status.

  1. Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases).
  2. In the Phasing dialog, click the Phase Filters tab.
  3. Click New to insert a new phase filter. …
  4. (Optional) Click in the Filter Name box to edit the name.
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What is the default phase in Revit?

By default, Revit Architecture provides two phases: Existing and New Construction. As it stands, everything you’ve placed into your model up to this point has been exclusively related to the New Construction phase.

What is the phase filter setting for a typical demolition plan in Revit?

Click on the element you want to demolish and it will be set to “demolished” in the current phase. You can also simply select an element and set the “New” phase in Phase Demolished properties.

How do Revit Worksets work?

When you make a workset editable in Revit, you are taking exclusive ownership of all objects in it. Only one user can exclusively edit each workset at a given time. All team members can view worksets owned by other team members, but they cannot always make changes to them.

How do you make an existing wall gray in Revit?

Go to one of your views and to the Visibility/Graphics Overrides. Under filters click Edit/New, make a new filter and hit Check All. Filter by the Existing workset. Hit OK and add the filter to the list then set the pattern override to solid fill grey.

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