Do you need a mouse for SketchUp?

How do I zoom out in SketchUp without a mouse?

Select the Zoom tool ( ) or press the Z key. Click and drag up to zoom in; click and drag down to zoom out. When you zoom by dragging the Zoom tool cursor, SketchUp zooms in or out from the center of the screen.

Is the apple mouse good for SketchUp?

Agreed that just about any 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel will work just fine using SketchUp on any computer, but my strongest recommendation is for using the wireless SpaceMouse from 3DConnexion. Click on the bold type for more info.

How do you ask Sketchup for an inference?

To find a Linear Inference, first you must hover over a Point Inference. When you first hover over a point that Sketchup recognizes as a Point Inference, the tool tip will change color, as you know. But if you hang there for a second, a little text box will pop up that tells you what type of inference it has locked to.

What is a 3D mouse?

A 3D mouse is a pointing and control device specialized for movement in virtual 3D (three-dimensional) environments. 3D mouse devices have used a number of different means to control 3D movement as well as 2D pointing, including multi-axis sensors, accelerometers, IR lights and IR sensors.

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Can you zoom with Magic Mouse?

Magic Mouse – Pinch in / Pinch out gesture for zoom in or zoom out.

How do I pan with Magic Mouse in Sketchup?

Panning around

Although Mac OS X users typically don’t have a scroll wheel mouse, you can still toggle to the Pan tool as you hold down the mouse button by pressing Command+Control+Shift.

How do you pan in Google Sketchup?

You can also select the Pan tool ( ) by selecting View > Pan. With the Pan tool active, click and drag the Pan cursor in any direction to pan around the document area.

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