How do I assign a software coordinator to Autodesk?

What is a software coordinator?

The software coordinator is a secondary administrator that helps manage users and notifications regarding new releases. The contract manager is initially assigned as the software coordinator, but they can reassign the role below. One software coordinator per serial number or group of products can be assigned.

How do I assign a secondary admin in Autodesk?

How to assign a secondary admin

  1. Sign in to your account at and click User Management > By User.
  2. Click the name of the user you want to designate as a secondary admin.
  3. Click Change role.
  4. Select Secondary admin and click Save.

How do I add a license to Autodesk?

Click your user account > Manage License. Click Activate in the License Manager. Follow the instructions for purchasing your product.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a coordinator?

Common Coordinator duties and responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with clients or employers about project, event or campaign expectations and goals.
  • Collaborating with clients or employers, finance teams and other team members on budgeting and allocating funds.
  • Delegating tasks to appropriate team members.

What is the difference between a coordinator and a manager?

Coordinators are those professionals hired to bring together all parts of a program or project, or they oversee the schedules of personnel and project directors. Managers plan and deploy equipment and materials for a program, show, film or other endeavors.

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How do I change my primary administrator?

How to change the primary admin

  1. Sign in to your account at and click User Management > By User.
  2. Select the secondary admin you want to designate as the new primary admin.
  3. Click Change role.
  4. Select Primary admin and click Save.
  5. Click Reassign primary admin to confirm the change.

How do I find my Autodesk contract number?

Log in to your Autodesk Account and click Contracts and Orders from the main menu on the left. Click the appropriate contract number.

How does Autodesk network license work?

A network license allows a number of users on the same TCP/IP network to share access to product licenses. … When you exit a product, the license returns to the NLM. If you run multiple sessions of an Autodesk product on an individual computer, only one license is used.

How can I use AutoCAD without license?

Here’s how you can access the free educational version of AutoCAD.

  1. Go to the Autodesk Education Community.
  2. Choose AutoCAD from the list of software.
  3. Create an Autodesk account. …
  4. Click DOWNLOAD NOW.
  5. Select the desired version, your operating system, and your preferred language.

How do I manage my AutoCAD license?

If your software starts

  1. Start your Autodesk software.
  2. At the upper-right, click the triangle next to the username.
  3. Select Manage Licenses.
  4. In the License Manager dialog box, select Manage License Type. The Let’s Get Started screen appears.
  5. Choose your license type.
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