How do I connect lines in archicad?

How do you explode a polyline in ArchiCAD?

Select the Polyline. Choose Edit > Reshape > Explode into Current View. You will then obtain a series of Lines and Arcs.

How do I trim multiple lines in ArchiCAD?

How do I trim multiple lines in archicad? Hold down shift, and you will see the cursor change to a little pair of scissors. Now can now trim as many walls as you like by individually clicking on the side you want removed!

How do you split a polyline in Bluebeam?

Polyline Sketch Tool

  1. Go to Markup > Sketch > Polyline Sketch to Scale. …
  2. Click on the PDF to place the first point. …
  3. Enter the length of this segment of the polyline and press TAB.
  4. Enter the rotation of the this segment of the polyline and press ENTER. …
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 to draw the remaining segments of the polyline.

How do I extend my walls in archicad?

Click on the end of the wall, drag your mouse to extend the wall and enter in the value you want the wall. If you wish to add on current wall length, press “d” and then type in the extra distance.

How do I change the color of a line in ArchiCAD?

macrumors newbie. Double click on the line tool to open the tool settings window. Choose the pen for the line. Note that line weight and color are both set by your choice of pen.

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How do I change the line weight in a PDF?

You may also consider changing Adobe Acrobat Reader’s default behavior to enhance the display of thin lines on the display monitor. This behavior can be changed by going to Edit, Preferences, Page Display, then check/uncheck ‘Enhance Thin Lines’.

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