How do I purge archicad files?

If you open the Attribute Manager and select the “ALL” tab you will see all Attributes for the project in a single list. If you select “Purge Unused” it will drastically clean things up quickly.

How can I make archicad faster?

You can further speed up ARCHICAD by:

  1. Navigate to ARCHICAD > Work Environment > Advanced Redraw Options.
  2. Set 2D Drawing Hardware Acceleration to Full.

What makes an archicad file heavy?

Large Archicad Files: what causes file bloat? Managing file size and preventing file bloat is ultimately about good BIM management; and not letting any specific area of the file get away from you. … A cluttered model is going to increase file size more than just the necessary elements.

Why is archicad so slow?

Common causes for slow running Archicad files

Poor library management (how thick does the embedded library need to be?)

Where is library manager in archicad?

You can also add additional libraries to the project as needed. View and manage your project’s libraries in the Library Manager (File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager).

How do I delete duplicate library pieces in archicad?

Or if you happen to have a duplicate with your Embedded Library, you can easily delete or rename the Embedded Object right from the Library Manager. To delete it, select the Object and hit the red X button to the lower right of the Library list.

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How do I copy from one archicad file to another?

You can, simply just marquee around the content you want, in Perspective OR Axonometry, Copy (Ctrl+C), and there you go! Simple paste using Ctrl+V onto a floorplan, section, worksheet, or any other 2d view.

How do I merge two fills in archicad?

Re: joining fills

  1. They must adjoin or overlap.
  2. Select one of the two.
  3. Make sure the current tool is the same as the selected element.
  4. Click the edge or a node of the selected element and choose the add (+) option on the pet palette.
  5. Space bar click (magic wand) in the area or on the edge of the other element.
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