How do you change wall height in home design pro?

How do I change the height of the wall in chief architect?

To change the height of a single room

  1. Using the Select Objects tool, select the room you wish to edit, then click the Open Object edit button.
  2. On the Structure panel of the Room Specification dialog that displays, enter your desired ceiling or floor value, then click OK.

How do you change the wall height on a 3D home?

To adjust height of walls, you have to be in 3D aerial view, you can only change single wall (divider) height and room’s height. Select either a single wall (divider) or a Room, then select, in the contextual menu, the option “Height”. You can use the slide button or enter the value you want.

Can you raise your ceiling height?

Except for tearing out a dropped ceiling grid, raising ceiling height is not a do-it-yourself project. The new supporting beams and rafters must be in place before removing any of the existing ceiling structure. The best time to undertake the project would be during a major remodel that involves roof restructuring.

Can you raise an 8-foot ceiling?

Can you raise an 8-foot ceiling? Yes, you can raise an 8-foot ceiling. The price may be prohibitive if you have a truss roof. Talk to your contractor about the cost to raise your ceiling.

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