How do you make a diagonal wall in Revit?

Place a wall. Select the wall. In the “Properties” pallet, under “Constraints,” look for “Cross-Section” in the left column, then select “Slanted” from the right column. In “Angle From Vertical,” type in the desired angle.

How do I make an inclined curtain wall in Revit?

Create and modify slanted walls in much the same way as vertical walls, with a few exceptions. See Best Practices: Slanted Walls. Place a slanted wall as you would a vertical wall, then use the Cross-Section Instance parameter to select Slanted. Specify the wall’s angle using the Angle from Vertical parameter.

How do you draw a curve in Revit?

Sketch a smooth curve that passes through or near specified points.

  1. Select a tool that allows for a spline. …
  2. Click Place Lines tab (or respective Place tab or Create tab) Draw panel (Spline), and place the cursor in the drawing area.
  3. Click to specify the start point for the spline.
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