How do you make a hole in a slab in ArchiCAD?

Can we make a hole in slab?

The hole adds new vertices and edges, which you can edit as you do other slab or roof slab vertices and edges. … You can use polylines or three-dimensional (3D) objects, such as walls and mass elements, to create the hole.

Can we drill hole in pillar?

If by “drilling through” you mean drilling a hole that is as deep as the reinforced concrete beam or column itself, then it is not acceptable. It should not be attempted even if it is a very small diameter hole.

How do I split a wall in ArchiCAD?

To do this:

  1. Select the Object you wish to Split.
  2. From the ARCHICAD menu, choose Cadimage Tools > Objective > Tools > Split.
  3. Click a point to define the start point of the Split axis (Item 1 in the image below)
  4. Click a second point to define the end point of the Split axis (Item 2 in the image below)

How do you convert objects to morph in archicad?

First, place the ARCHICAD object that is similar to your final goal. Make the necessary changes on the Morph. Select the Morph, go to File> Library and Objects> Save Selection as…> Object.

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