How do you unclip a project base point in Revit?

How do you unclip a project base point in Revit 2021?

You cannot delete the project base point. Project North defines the Y axis of the project base point. To ensure that the project base point does not move inadvertently, you can pin it by selecting the point and clicking Modify tab Modify panel (Pin).

How do you move origin points in Revit?

To establish the project coordinate system, move the project base point away from the internal origin to another location, such as the corner of a building. If you later want to return the project base point to the internal origin, unclip the project base point, right-click it, and click Move to Startup Location.

How do you remove coordinates in Revit?

Next, acquire the coordinates from this project (Manage > Coordinates > Acquire Coordinates > Select the text from the newly linked Revit model). Select the same text again and delete the link. A dialog box will appear, select ‘Delete Link‘.

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How do you fix coordinates in Revit?

Relocate the Model by Specifying Coordinates

  1. Optional: Display the project base point and the survey point in the current view.
  2. Click Manage tab Project Location panel Coordinates drop-down (Specify Coordinates at Point).
  3. Place the cursor on a reference point of the model. …
  4. Click the reference.

How do I set a project base point in Revit 2020?

To select the project base point, move the cursor over the symbol and look at the tooltip or the status bar. If it says Site: Survey Point, press Tab until it says Site: Project Base Point. Click to select the project base point. Drag the project base point to the desired location.

How do you find a project base point in Revit?

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). On the Model Categories tab of the Visibility/Graphics dialog, scroll down to Site, and expand it. To display the project base point, select Project Base Point. To display the survey point, select Survey Point.

Can you move the internal origin in Revit?

The internal origin is the starting point for the internal coordinate system, which provides the basis for positioning all elements in the model. Note: The location of the internal origin never moves.

How do you move project base point more than 10 miles?

If you are wanting to move the project base point to a new location outside of 10 miles from origin

  1. In 2020.2. 1 and earlier: Un-clip base point and use Relocate Project to move project base point.
  2. In 2020.2. 2 and later: Go to Manage > Coordinates > Specify Coordinates at Point.
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How do I set shared coordinates in Revit?

To establish a common coordinate position and then share that position between files, use the Acquire Coordinates tool or the Publish Coordinates tool. Tip: You should derive shared coordinates from only one file. That one file defines the coordinates for all other files that compose the project.

Why is my visibility graphics greyed out in Revit?

If the Visibility/Graphic Overrides options are greyed out, it is because the file has a View Template attached. 1. Navigate to the Properties Palette in Revit.

What is the method to georeference a Revit file?

Revit 2018 now has the option to use the Geo-Referenced data from a CAD file that was used to Acquire Coordinate data. When you link and position a Geo-Referenced CAD file, you use the Acquire Coordinates feature in Revit to share coordinate system data between the Revit and CAD file.

How do you specify coordinates?

Relative Coordinates. To specify absolute Cartesian coordinates: Enter a command requiring coordinates, for example Line. Specify the X, Y- and Z-coordinates separated by commas, for example 0,0,0.

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