Quick Answer: How do I find my BIM 360 ID?

How do I find my BIM?

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How do I know what model BIM 360 I have?

To Open and View Models

  1. In the main project dashboard, click a project name or the project image to open the models page.
  2. On an individual project page, do one of the following: To view all merged models, click . To view all individual models, click .

How do I add an account to my BIM 360?


  1. In account administration, click Settings.
  2. Click the Profile tab.
  3. Click Add Account Image and then upload an image or logo.
  4. For the account name, click the pencil icon and enter a name as you want it to appear in BIM 360 and in notifications. …
  5. Under Account Administrators, you can add more administrators.
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Where do I find Autodesk ID?

Find license information in Autodesk Account

  1. Sign in to your account at manage.autodesk.com.
  2. Under All Products And Services, click the product icon.
  3. For AutoCAD, including specialized toolsets or a collection, click View Items.

How do you open the BIM 360 model in Revit?

To link in other Revit models from BIM 360 that aren’t Cloud Workshared:

  1. From the Insert tab in Revit, click Link Revit.
  2. Choose the BIM 360 drive in the file browser.
  3. Navigate through the project and folder structure to the location of your model.
  4. Select the model and click Open.

How do you save in BIM 360?

Use the Models or Clashes tab to open up the models you want to save as a view in the viewer. On the Models panel in the viewer, click Add/Remove models to change the models displayed in the view. Click Save view.

How do I assign a BIM 360 license?

To assign a BIM 360 Docs license to a user, the Project Admin needs to:

  1. Log into the BIM 360 Docs project.
  2. Go to the Project Admin page.
  3. Open the Members tab.
  4. Click the Add button to add a project member.

How does BIM 360 work?

BIM 360 supports informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle for project, design, and construction teams. BIM 360 connects your teams and data in real-time, empowering project members to anticipate, optimize, and manage all aspects of project performance.

What is the serial number for AutoCAD 2020?

For example, installing AutoCAD 2020 as a point product requires product key 001L1, but installing AutoCAD 2020 from the AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2020 requires product key 768L1. The same version of AutoCAD is in both software packages but the product key differentiates one package from the other.

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What is my AutoCAD license number?

How do I find my AutoCAD license number? Sign in to Autodesk Account and click the Management tab. In the Products & Services section, locate your product. Expand the product details to find your serial number and product key.

How do I know if my AutoCAD license is 2021?

Start your Autodesk product. Click Help > About or About [Product Name]. In the About window, click Product Information or Product License Information. Here, you can view your serial number, license type, and other information about your license.

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