Quick Answer: How do I view 3D in ArchiCAD?

The View menu > 3D View Mode submenu allows a choice of both axonometric and perspective views of the model. When either is chosen, the 3D window will bring up the appropriate view type using the last camera or reference position. One may also choose using keyboard shortcuts (PC: Ctrl+F3 vs. Shift+F3, Mac: CMD+F3 vs.

How do I change the view in ArchiCAD?

Click the “View Settings” icon in the Navigator/Organizer. See View Map Buttons. Click “Settings” button at the bottom of the View Map. Get Current Window’s Settings: Click this button to overwrite the settings in this dialog box to correspond to the view currently in effect in the active (frontmost) window.

How do I get top view in ArchiCAD?

Open the view Generic Axonometry and make sure the necessary buildings (blocks) are shown in the view.

  1. Right click and choose 3D Projection Settings… from the context menu,
  2. In the Parallel Projection Settings dialog choose Top view and.
  3. Adjust the camera to match the plan orientation.

How do I show all in ArchiCAD?

To show the entire model in 3D, regardless of any current selection, use the View > Elements in 3D View > Show All option; or use the same command from the context menu. This command’s shortcut is Ctrl + F5.

How do I hide section lines in ArchiCAD?

To show or hide the Section limit lines and Distant Area limit lines on the Floor Plan, use the toggle control in View > On-Screen View Options > Marker Range. To change these line types/colors, use the control in Options > Work Environment > On-Screen Options.

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How do I turn off shadows in archicad 3D?

If you want to activate or deactivate the Sun Shadows in Elevation, just right-click the View or Elevation in the Navigator.

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