What are the advantages of using computer aided design CAD and stereolithography to create prototypes of Skullcandy’s headphones?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using CAD in design and technology?

Computer aided design (CAD)

Advantages of CAD Disadvantages of CAD
Designs can be viewed from all angles and with a range of materials Needs a skilled workforce
Some testing and consumer feedback can be done before costly production takes place Difficult to keep up with constantly changing and improving technology

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CAD systems?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of CAD/CAM

  • Advantage: Software Flexibility. …
  • Advantage: Design Flexibility. …
  • Advantage: Automatic Specification Checking. …
  • Disadvantage: Processing Power Limitations. …
  • Disadvantage: Software Complexity. …
  • Disadvantage: Maintenance and Upkeep.

What are the disadvantages of AutoCAD?

Following are disadvantages of AutoCAD :

  • Line – As AutoCAD produces drawings with help of line and shape tools and curves, arcs and straight lines helps in producing shapes. …
  • Limited File Formats – As it is leading CAD, it limits number of file formats it can import or export. …
  • Color, Fill and Texture – …
  • Non-Parametric –

What are the reason for implementing a CAD system?

Reasons for Implementing CAD systems

To increase the productivity of the designer. To improve the quality of design. To create a database for manufacturing. To improve communication through documentation.

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Why is CAD better than drawing by hand?

CAD drafting has several advantages over hand drafting, the foremost being that it is quicker. CAD drafting also offers flexibility of design and convenience of work environment, as compared to hand drafting. … Students exposed to hand drafting ultimately become skilled drafters using the CAD software more effectively.

What is the future of CAD?

The Future: & future of CAD tools

The future will be all about automation, data visualization(Windchill), artificial intelligence(AI), vertical reality(VR) and artificial reality(AR).

What is difference between CAD and CAM?

CAD is the use of computers for designing means computers are used to aid in creating the design, modifying and analyzing the designing activities. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the use of computer software to control machine tools in the manufacturing of modules.

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