What is a split level house design?

A split-level home (also called a bi-level home or tri-level home) is a style of house in which the floor levels are staggered. There are typically two short sets of stairs, one running upward to a bedroom level, and one going downward toward a basement area.

What is the purpose of a split level house?

They often provide more outside space

Since split-levels maximize vertical space for their interior, that means that there can be more room to play with in terms of yard space on any given lot.

What is a split level home floor plan?

The split-level house plan gives a multi-dimensional, sectioned feel with unique rooflines that are appealing to many buyers. With the split level or split foyer style of design the front door leads to an entry landing that lies midway between the main and lower levels.

Is split level house good?

A split-level house can give you excellent value for your homebuying dollar, and it can be a smart choice for homebuyers who want some separation between living spaces while having the main areas of the home close together.

How do you modernize a split level house?

Consider these split-level home renovations that brighten the entire space:

  1. Replace and add windows. Small windows can make a home look dated. …
  2. Add a skylight or solar tubes. Bring in some light from above too! …
  3. Go for custom mirrors. …
  4. Install custom lighting. …
  5. Use light paint colors. …
  6. Remove walls.
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What are the disadvantages of split level houses?

Some of the very features that make the split level home design desirable also made it undesirable in other circumstances. Homeowners had to ensure that toddlers did not fall on either of the two sets of stairs. Cleaning three separate levels required a great deal of stair climbing.

Can you raise a split level home?

It is difficult to add height to bi-level and split-level homes. Additions involving an increased height should be planned by a professional. Simply adding another floor over the existing living space ruins the flow of the roof line and makes the home look uneven and unattractive from the street.

Does metricon build on sloping blocks?

Build A Customised Home Designed Specifically To Suit Your Sloping Block Of Land. Our split level home designs at Metricon are perfect for those who own a sloping block of land, so you no longer have to compromise the design of your new home.

Do split level homes cost more?

The designs of split level homes tend to mould themselves around the land features they’re built on. So you won’t have to worry about paying extra for builders to level your block’s land or cut into hard rock surfaces for extra space.

What is Level 5 split house?

The stacked split level has four or five short sets of stairs, and five or six levels. The entry is on a middle floor between two levels. The front door opens into a foyer, and two short sets of stairs typically lead down to a basement and up to a living area (often the kitchen or the living room).

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Are split level houses hard to sell?

While split-level houses are preferred by some homeowners, they can be unattractive to others, making them harder to sell. Some of the features that might make a split-level house hard to sell are having too many stairs, limited natural light, a floor plan that feels choppy, feeling outdated or having no curb appeal.

How do you paint a split level house?

Use neutral colors for the stairs, or use the same color as the one used on the trim. To give your house a more modern look, wrap the colors that are painted in the room slightly around the corners. This works well if the rooms are painted using just one color and only a wall or two are painted in a different color.

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