What is Section in building plan?

Section drawings are a specific type of drawing architects use to illustrate a building or portion of a building. A section is drawn from a vertical plane slicing through a building. This is as if you cut through a space vertically and stood directly in front looking straight at it.

What is a section of a building?

In terms of design, the term ‘section’ typically refers to a view of a structure as though it has been sliced in half or cut along another imaginary plane, which is generally, but not always a vertical plane. This is represented as a ‘section drawing’ or ‘sectional drawing’.

What is blowup plan?

It’s an enlarged detail: for example, you might have a diagram showing the whole of a piece of equipment, then another diagram showing how some small feature of it works. To know what it means in this case would require seeing the actual page, though. S.

What are the kinds of section?

6 Types of sectional views

  • Full sections. …
  • Half sections or views. …
  • Offset sections or views. …
  • Broken out sections or broken views. …
  • Revolving sections or view. …
  • Removed sections.

Why do we draw sections?

A sectional view or a section looks inside an object. Sections are used to clarify the interior construction of a part that cannot be clearly described by hidden lines in exterior views. By taking an imaginary cut through the object and removing a portion, the inside features may be seen more clearly.

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What is a plan design?

Plan design refers to the framework of a retirement plan, defined by such characteristics as participation requirements (mandatory or optional); required contributions by the employer and employees; vesting requirements; benefit levels; methods of benefit distribution; and others.

What are the 7 types of section views?

Types of Sectional Views

  • Full Section. If the imaginary cutting plane passes through the entire object, splitting the drawn object in two with the interior of the object revealed, this is called a “full section.” A full section is the most widely-used sectional view.
  • Half View. …
  • Offset View. …
  • Revolving View. …
  • Broken View.
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