What is the opposite of architecture?

Opposite of the physical structure or framework for an object. disorganisationUK. disorganizationUS. disarrangement.

What is the opposite of modern architecture?

Although contemporary and modern terms have overlapping characteristics these days, the two style genres have different histories and different methods. “Contemporary” architecture and style is, literally, what is being created and produced right now.

What’s a antonym for architect?

What is the opposite of architect?

destroy demolish
wreck abolish
erase shatter
total end
exterminate extinguish

Is voguish a word?

1. Fashionable; chic: a suit of voguish cut. 2. Temporarily in frequent use; faddish: voguish terminology.

What do you call an old building?

Noun. Antique building. ancient building. antique building.

What factors may influence architectural style?

8 Factors that Affect an Architectural Design

  • Geography, Climate, and Commercial Stair Design. The geography of a place is an essential factor in architecture. …
  • Religion, Technology, and Culture. Some clients don’t have special requirements pertaining to religion. …
  • Imagination and Style.

What is a big word for love?

1 tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. 2 liking, inclination, regard, friendliness.

What are the two recognized form of design?

There are two basic types of forms we see in graphic design, geometric and organic.

What is the another word of design?

Some common synonyms of design are plan, plot, project, and scheme. While all these words mean “a method devised for making or doing something or achieving an end,” design often suggests a particular pattern and some degree of achieved order or harmony.

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