What is the shortcut for PAN in SketchUp?

Main action Move camera (your view) vertically or horizontally.
Shortcut key H

What is Pan tool?

The Pan tool is the simplest tool in the Tools list. It performs one very basic task – it just allows you to move or pan the diagram. … Click or tap anywhere on the diagram area and move in any direction to pan. In the mouse mode, you can scroll the document vertically and horizontally using the scroll bars.

What is the shortcut key to applying materials in SketchUp?

The Quickest Ways to Use Google SketchUp 8 Tools

To Do This Task Here’s the Best Way
Make something a certain size Type the size and the units and then press Enter
—Apply materials with the Paint Bucket tool—
Sample a material from a face Hold down Alt (Command on the Mac) and click the face with the tool

What does P do in SketchUp?

Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Google SketchUp 8 Tools

Tool Shortcut Key
Push/Pull P
Offset O
Rotate Q
Scale S

How do you use a pan tool?

Using the Pan tool

  1. Click the Pan button on the Navigation toolbar.
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the map display and click and drag the pointer to pan the map.
  3. Alternatively, select the Continuous Zoom/Pan tool. and right-click the display to pan the map.
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What is the shortcut for pan in Autocad?

Position the cursor at the start location and press the left mouse button down. Drag the cursor to the new location. You can also press the mouse scroll wheel or middle button down and drag the cursor to pan.

How do I pan in Sketchup for free?

You can also select the Pan tool ( ) by selecting View > Pan. With the Pan tool active, click and drag the Pan cursor in any direction to pan around the document area.

What is the term used in SketchUp for right hand click?

Context click on a PC means to right click and you get a drop down menu of cetain options depending on the context of the click.

How do I stop a SketchUp command?

The SPACEBAR key will activate the SelectionTool. When using most native tools in SketchUp, use the ESC key to reset the tool. (Sometimes you may need to click the ESC key twice.)

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