You asked: What is Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking offers a swept path analysis that connects directly to your designed environment. Whether you need to evaluate a parking lot, airport, light rail system, or roadways, Vehicle Tracking offers simulation and analysis tools to evaluate vehicle movements predictably.

How do you track vehicles in AutoCAD?

To Run Autodesk Vehicle Tracking from Within AutoCAD

  1. Run AutoCAD as you normally would.
  2. If your system has been set up correctly, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking should be on the top menu bar. …
  3. Click any Vehicle Tracking button to load Vehicle Tracking.

Is vehicle tracking included in AutoCAD?

Note: Vehicle tracking is included only with the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Collection.

How much does Autoturn software cost?

Flexible pricing options to fit any budget

*Vehicle Bundle Starting From $69 USD/Month.

How do I install Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

Log in to your Autodesk – Account. Go to “All Products and Services”. Expand “Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection” and select “View items” button. Select “Vehicle Tracking” and download and install the version appropriate for your Civil 3D.

How do I create a custom car tracker?

To Create a New Vehicle

  1. On the toolbar, click Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Properties, or click Vehicle Tracking menu Properties Path. The Vehicle Library Explorer is displayed.
  2. Make sure that the cursor is not on a vehicle, then right-click New Vehicle, or click the Vehicle Wizard button. The Vehicle Wizard is displayed.
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How do you reverse a track in Autocad?

To Drive Backwards on an Arc

  1. Move the cursor behind the vehicle and pause. A ghosted image shows the path the vehicle will travel from the last position through the target point (the cursor). …
  2. Move the cursor until the vehicle is in the desired position, and then click to confirm.

How accurate is AutoTURN?

In a field test conducted by the author, AutoTURN produced results accurate to within 3.5 percent of the maximum offtracking width, with a maximum difference of 165 mm (Figure 9).

Is AutoTURN conservative?

Is AutoTURN conservative? To conclude, AutoTURN is proven to produce accurate simulations. It is good to know that AutoTURN represents the largest vehicles in its class and that AutoTURN is slightly conservative as many of us users tend to believe.

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