Your question: How do I change the elevation level in Revit?

Select the box near the end of the level line to display the level annotation bubble. Change the level name: Select the level and click the name box. Enter a new name for the level. Change the elevation: Select the level line, and click the elevation value.

How do you change height in Revit?


  1. Open a section view (or any view in which you can see defined levels). …
  2. Select a level that serves as the base level for one or more rooms.
  3. In the Properties palette, under Dimensions, for Computation Height, enter the distance above the level to use when computing the room area and volume.
  4. Click OK.

How do you change the floor level in Revit?


  1. To rename the floor, click the Modify arrow icon in the top-left corner of your screen, then double-click the default level name. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0.
  2. You can change the height of the floor by double-clicking the height measurement. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0.

What is a Revit element?

Elements in Revit are also referred to as families. The family contains the geometric definition of the element and the parameters used by the element. Each instance of an element is defined and controlled by the family. About Element Properties. Each element you place in a drawing is an instance of a family type.

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How do I add levels in Revit 2020?

Add Levels

  1. Open the section or elevation view to add levels to.
  2. On the ribbon, click (Level). Architecture tab Datum panel (Level)
  3. Place the cursor in the drawing area and click. …
  4. Draw level lines by moving the cursor horizontally. …
  5. Click when the level line is the correct length.

How do I make all the walls the same height in Revit?

nastyclown. Create multiple levels, and control from there the height of that kind of elements. The faster way to go is–> select all–> filter type–> wall. Then isolate element –> select all the walls that are changing–> set the height to “level x” where level x is the new height.

How do you change wall thickness in Revit?

In the Type Properties dialog, for the Structure parameter, click Edit. A layer is assigned to one row. It has a constant thickness and extends the height of the wall. You can change its thickness in the row assigned to it.

What is a datum element Revit?

Datums are Revit elements that fit the project. They are used as references while modelling such as levels, grids or reference planes. They are finite representations of infinite planes (vertical-grids, horizontal-levels, sloped-ref planes) that are shown as lines. They are not model elements neither annotation ones.

What are Revit family parameters?

The Family Category and Parameters tool assigns the properties of a predefined family category to the component you are creating. The tool is only available within the Family Editor. After you dimension the family framework, you label the dimensions to create parameters.

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