How do I make baseboards in Revit?

Use the Sweep tool to add a baseboard, crown molding, or other type of decorative horizontal or vertical projection to a wall. Open a 3D or elevation view containing the wall to which you want to add the sweep. Click Architecture tab Build panel Wall drop-down (Wall: Sweep).

How do you round floor edges in Revit?

On the Properties palette, click the Curved Edge Condition button located under Structural Floor Shape Edit. This opens the Curved Edge Condition Dialog. Select either Conform to curve for a scalloped surface, or Project to side for a flat surface. Click OK to apply the condition.

How do you cut a line between two lines in Revit?

click Modify tab Modify panel (Trim/Extend Multiple Elements). Select the reference to use as a boundary. Then select each of the elements to trim or extend. For any elements that cross the boundary, the part that you click is retained.

What is the cheapest type of baseboard?

Jointed pine baseboard can be as inexpensive as $1.50 per linear foot and up to $3.00 per linear foot.

How do I edit a sweep profile in Revit?

To edit the existing profile, on the Sweep panel, click (Edit Profile), and use the tools on the Modify | Sweep > Edit Profile tab. On the Mode panel, click (Finish Edit Mode) to finish editing the profile and again to finish editing the sweep.

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Where is the sweep tool in Revit?

On the Mode panel, click (Finish Edit Mode). Load or sketch a profile. Click Modify | Sweep tab Sweep panel, and select a profile from the Profile list. If the profile you need is not already loaded in the project, click Modify | Sweep tab Sweep panel (Load Profile) to load the profile.

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