How do you cut out a window in SketchUp?

How do you convert to solid in SketchUp?

For SketchUp to realize something is a solid, you have to make it into either a group or a component first. Another thing: Solid groups and components can’t have other groups and/or components nested inside them. Making a solid doesn’t require any special tools.

How do you separate components in Sketchup?

Make Unique: Sometimes you want to make changes to only one or a few of the instances of a component in your model. In this case, select the instance(s) you want to edit, right-click one of them, and choose Make Unique from the context menu. This option turns the instances you selected into a separate component.

How do you know if something is a solid in Sketchup?

The only way currently to verify “solid” in the web version is to make your object a group/component as is usual. Then when you select the group/component, the Entity Info Window will report “Solid Group” or “Solid Component”. If “Solid” doesn’t appear before Group/Component, then you have some investigating to do.

How do you make a 3D model of solids?

To Create a 3D Solid by Extruding

  1. If necessary, on the status bar click Workspace Switching and select 3D Modeling. Find.
  2. Click Solid tab > Solid panel > Extrude. Find.
  3. Select the objects or edge subobjects to extrude.
  4. Specify the height.
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