How do you split a circle in SketchUp?

If you draw a circle, simply right click on its perimeter (the edge) and there should be a divide item in your menu.

How do you divide a circle into equal parts in SketchUp?

Select Divide from the context menu. SketchUp place points on the line or arc to show where it will be divided. Move the cursor toward the center of the line or arc to reduce the number of segments. Move cursor toward either end of the line or arc to increase the number of segments, as shown in the figure.

How do you split in SketchUp?

To split a line or shape,

  1. Select the Split tool ( ), which you find on the default toolbar or by selecting Tools > Split from the menu bar.
  2. Click on the line or shape edge where you want to split it.

How many parts can you divide a circle into with 4 straight lines?


What is a split tool?

The Split Tool performs the division of features into two or more using a line string drawn by the user as the splitting line.

What is explode in SketchUp?

Explode: When you explode a component instance, you’re effectively turning it back into regular ol’ geometry. Explode is a lot like Ungroup in other software programs (in SketchUp, you use Explode to disassemble both components and groups).

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How do you merge walls in SketchUp?

Triple-click on one of the objects that you would like to merge. This will select all faces and edges that are a part of that object. Select the “Move” tool from the toolbar and use it to position the selected object so it overlaps the other object you want it to merge with.

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