How many types of arrays are there in Revit?

What is Array in Revit?

The Array tool creates a linear or radial array of selected elements. Use the Array tool to create several instances of one or more elements and manipulate them simultaneously. Array members can belong to a group; therefore, you can add or remove items from the group.

How do you create an Array in Revit?

Create a Linear Array

  1. Select the elements to be copied in an array, and then click Modify | tab Modify panel (Array).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Array), select the elements to be copied in an array, and then press Enter .

How many types of sections are in Revit?

There are three types of section views: Building sections, Wall sections and Detail sections. Once created, each of them is listed in the project browser under different location. Building and wall section views display in the Sections (Building Section) branch and Sections (Wall section) branch of the Project Browser.

What is a radial array?

1. n. [Geophysics] An array of sources or receivers radiating outward from a central point, usually a borehole.

How does array work in Autocad?

Creates copies of objects arranged in a pattern. You can create copies of objects in a regularly spaced rectangular, polar, or path array. The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the source objects of the array are deleted or retained after the array is created.

How do you copy an array in Revit?

You can copy all elements in an array or just part of the array. Select all members of the array. While pressing Ctrl , click and drag an array member to a new location.

Where is section view found Revit?

To open the section view, double-click the section header, or select the section view from the Sections grouping of the Project Browser. The section view changes when the design changes or the section line is moved.

How do you name a section in Revit?

Click View tab Create panel (Section). Click Modify | Section tab Properties panel (Type Properties). Click in the value box for the Section Tag parameter, and select a tag from the list. Click OK to save your changes.

How do you create a linear array in Autocad?

Create a Path Array

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Path Array. …
  2. Select the objects to array and press Enter.
  3. Select an object such as a line, polyline, 3D polyline, spline, helix, arc, circle, or ellipse to serve as a path for the array.
  4. Specify a method for distributing the objects along the path:
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