Question: How do I trim a slab in archicad?

How do I cut a slab in archicad?

There are holes in the slab. To cut a hole in a slab, select the slab in plan view and choose the tool in the toolbox. Pick a method to outline the hole.

How do I adjust in archicad?

Choose the Edit > Reshape > Adjust command. 3. Draw a line segment, or click an existing line, wall, polygon edge or arc/circle. The endpoints of the selected walls and lines will be adjusted (lengthened or shortened) to meet the drawn or clicked line or curve.

Can I drill into my slab?

It’s safe to drill into the slab and foundation, as long as it’s not big holes. And you don’t want two access holes/ slots coming in at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Can you cut holes in concrete slab?

Try renting a core drill from the local DIY store. They can put on a 6″, 8″ or larger bit, and you can drill a round hole in the concrete. A round hole will be less likely to start a crack, especially if you use foam espansion material to separate the existing concrete from any new concrete that you place.

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