Quick Answer: How do you document architecture?

How do you document an architecture?

Identify Stakeholders

  1. Identifying the stakeholders.
  2. Understand and document their motivations that could impact architecture.
  3. Understand expectations from the architecture documentation.
  4. Decide how we would address their concerns (identify ViewPoints).
  5. Agree on what you would produce.
  6. Get early feedback.

What is System Architecture with example?

A system architecture is the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system. An architecture description is a formal description and representation of a system, organized in a way that supports reasoning about the structures and behaviors of the system.

What are the uses of architectural documentation?

Architecture documentation is a key means for educating people who need an overview: new developers, funding sponsors, visitors to the project, etc. New architects are interested in learning how their predecessors tackled the difficult issues of the system and why particular decisions were made.

What does a documentation architect do?

In short, the Documentation Architect is an Information Architect who focuses on non-Web publications, optimizing them for use by readers by applying IA principles to them.

How do you document Microservices in architecture?

1. Make documentation comprehensive

  1. Description – identify the microservice’s purpose and role.
  2. Architecture diagram – summarize the complexity of the microservice in a picture.
  3. Endpoints – document the public interface.
  4. Dependencies – detail services the microservice relies on and their SLAs.
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What is a technical architecture document?

Technical architecture includes the major components of the system, their relationships, and the contracts that define the interactions between the components. … Taking the time to design the architecture at the start will save major design changes, code refactoring, and expensive rework later in the project.

How do you evaluate software architecture?

Architecture evaluation is performed by using scenarios, simulation, mathematical modeling and experience-based reasoning. The software architecture has been keyed as an important part of a software system.

What is architecture as a code?

Architecture as code is about patterns. … A centralized function, like enterprise architecture, can create a pattern library that contains authoritative, hardened, tuned application topologies that are secure by design.

What is the software architecture design?

Software architecture exposes the structure of a system while hiding the implementation details. Architecture also focuses on how the elements and components within a system interact with one other. Software design delves deeper into the implementation details of the system.

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