What does FP mean on a floor plan?

What does FP mean in architecture?

FP mean that “Floor Plan” for Architecture.

What does FP stand for on a floor plan?

FP means Floor Plan. FP is an acronym for Floor Plan.

What is FP in civil engineering?

FP Meaning in Construction

Freezing PointThe temperature for a particular compound where the liquid freezes to form a solid.

What does FP mean in league?

In League of Legends, it means “first pick.” If someone asks you to “fp” a certain champion in draft phase, that means they want you to grab the champion for them so you can trade later on.

What does T in a circle mean on floor plans?

Electrical Symbols

A small circle bisected by two parallel lines is a wall outlet, while a circle superimposed over an X is a ceiling light and a T hanging from a circle is a thermostat.

What is DB in floor plan?

Condo/HDB Floor Plan Abbreviations Used in Singapore

Floor plan abbreviation What it means
HS Household/bomb shelter
BW Bay window
DB Electrical switchboard
W/D Washer/dryer designated area

What is the meaning of FP in result?

The definition of FP is “Fair Play

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What is FP in law?

Legal Assistance Modalities (FP)

What is FP in insurance?

First Party. Third Party. Meaning. FP is the one who purchases the car insurance policy.

What is CL in civil engineering?

CJ – Construction Joint. CL – Centre Line. CMU – Concrete Masonry Unit. CP – Cement plaster.

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