What is ordinate dimension in Autocad?

Ordinate dimensions measure the perpendicular distances from an origin point called the datum, such as a hole in a part. The datum is established by the current location of the UCS origin. Move the UCS origin to the datum. … You can use polar tracking to line up the text of the ordinate dimensions.

What is an ordinate dimension?

Ordinate Dimensioning:

Ordinate dimensioning is used when the X and the Y coordinates, from one location, are the only dimensions necessary. … Ordinate dimensions appearance is also different. Each dimension has only one leader line and a numerical value. Ordinate dimensions do not have extension lines or arrows.

What is an aligned dimension?

aligned dimension. A drafting symbol that runs parallel to the baseline and indicates the true distance between beginning and ending dimension points.

How do you do continuous dimension in Autocad?

Create a Continued or Chain Dimension

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimensions panel Continue. Find.
  2. If prompted, select the dimension to continue. …
  3. Use object snaps to specify additional extension line origins.
  4. Press Enter twice to end the command.

What is an angular dimension?

Angular dimensions measure the angle between two lines or three points. To measure the angle between two radii of a circle, you select the circle and specify the angle endpoints. … Baseline and continued angular dimensions are limited to 180 degrees or less.

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What are the two methods of dimensioning in common use?

Two methods of placing dimensions are currently used: the aligned system and the unidirectional system. In the aligned system of dimensioning, the dimensions are placed in line with the dimension lines.

What are the two system of dimension?

Explanation: The two systems of placing dimensions are aligned system and unidirectional system. In the aligned system, the dimension is placed perpendicular to the dimension line. In the unidirectional system, all dimensions are placed such that they can be read from the bottom of the drawing sheet.

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