You asked: Where do SketchUp AutoSave files go?

They should be either at the folder where the main file is or at User>Library>ApplicationSupport>Sketchup>Autosave but thre is no autosave file in any of those locations. Any ideas?

Where does SketchUp AutoSave?

The Auto-Save file is saved in the directory where the original . skp file exists. The Auto-Save file name will be a combination of the word ” AutoSave ” with the original filename.

How do I recover an unsaved SketchUp file?

Click the SketchUp menu Window > Preferences > General tab > see the check-box is checked or not in the Created Backup [SKB] and AutoSave. If checked, learn how to recover the SketchUp files from the AutoSave. Find the AutoSave files, open then by your SketchUp. That’s it!

Where are SketchUp AutoSave files Mac?

It’s also odd that there’s an Autosave folder in User/Library/Application support/Sketchup 2019/Sketchup/Autosave.

How do I change AutoSave in SketchUp?


  1. Select Window > Preferences.
  2. Select Files in the sidebar on the left.
  3. In the Files pane, click the Change File Location Preference icon ( ) and a Select Folder dialog box appears.
  4. Navigate to the folder that you want to designate as the default location for the related files.
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Does sketch AutoSave?

Auto Save is enabled by default and automatically saves documents as you work. For local documents, this includes access to previous saves using the macOS Versions feature.

How do I save a sketch file?

The quickest way to export your work from Sketch is to choose Share > Export… from the menu, or press ⌘ + ⇧ + E , to bring up the Export dialog. Select the items you want to export, then click Export to open the MacOS Save dialog.

Why can’t I save my SketchUp model?

It looks like you need a folder to save the SKP file into. Try this: Go directly to Trimble Connect and sign in. Then create a new project there. In SketchUp Free use Save as…, select the project folder you create and then save the file.

How do I find my lost SketchUp model?

Hit Delete on your keyboard. Now hit Shift+z and your model should reappear. If the model does appear but has a group or component missing then it was that that contained the wayward geometry.

How do I restore temporary files in Windows 10?

Getting to the Temp folder inside the Windows folder is a similar process:

  1. Open File Explorer by clicking on its icon or with the Win + E shortcut. …
  2. Now double-click on your Windows hard drive, usually (C:), to open it.
  3. Find the Windows folder and open it.
  4. Now scroll down and find Temp folder and open it.

How do I convert SKB to SKP?

make a copy of the *. SKB file, rename the copy to *. SKP, that’s it, at least that’s the way I do it. Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate.

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How do I save a SketchUp file in lower version by default?

Open the SketchUp file by clicking File > Open. Click File > Save As…. This will open the Save dialog box. Click the Save as Type drop-down menu and choose the version of SketchUp you would like use to open the file.

What is SKB file?

The SKB files that are used by Google SketchUp contain backup files of 3-D models that have been created with the SketchUp software. When the SketchUp software application creates a back-up copy of a file using the program’s auto-save feature, the backup file is given the . skb extension.

How do I reset SketchUp?

If that’s the case, put everything back where it belongs by resetting your workspace:

  1. If you’re using Windows, choose Window→Preferences . . . On a Mac, choose SketchUp→Preferences . . .
  2. Select the Workspace panel (it’s last in the list on the left of the Preferences dialog box).
  3. Click the Reset Workspace button.
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