Clearzoning® was established in 2007 as a subsidiary company of Birchler Arroyo Associates, Inc., a planning and transportation consulting firm. Founders David Birchler, AICP, PCP, and Rodney Arroyo, AICP, established Clearzoning as a separate entity to more fully market the clearzoning® product throughout Michigan and beyond.

Over the past several years, clearzoning® has made a name for itself on a national level and, in fact, our staff is known nationally as clearzoning® . As we move forward and grow our business, we look to focus and simplify our marketing strategies. In 2013, we will consolidate our websites and other social media into clearzoning. Our founders and staff remain committed to providing all our planning and transportation clients with the same quality service we have provided for over 23 years.

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28021 Southfield Rd., Lathrup Village, MI 48076 • ph. 248/423-1776 fax 248/423-1793